The man behind Mr. Declutter

For years after my Nan passed away, I tried to fill the void with material possessions. I collected various items in an attempt to recreate the warm, loving space that was her home; the home I grew up in. I had a thing for everything but nothing of use, meaning or purpose, and an endless list of projects that were never finished, some not even started.

Mr DeClutter

Looking back at that period of my life, I can now see that I wasn’t emotionally ready to let go. But something needed to shift.

What happened then?

I slowly began the process of decluttering my home.

I found the process to be challenging and at times overwhelming. The further I went through the process the more I let go physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was the lightest and clearest I had felt in many years.

There are many reasons why we hold onto things we need to let go. If you are ready to regain control of your space, then get in touch. I can help you through the process with consideration, care and understanding.

Mr DeClutter